Atiku, Sen Abbo, Hon. Namdas, Hon. Nyampa, Dr Chagwa, Others Receives Humanitarian Awards in Adamawa Achievers Awards – Viral9ja

Atiku, Sen Abbo, Hon. Namdas, Hon. Nyampa, Dr Chagwa, Others Receives Humanitarian Awards in Adamawa Achievers Awards

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Atiku, Sen Abbo, Hon. Namdas, Hon. Nyampa, Dr Chagwa, Others Receives Humanitarian Awards in Adamawa Achievers Awards

Adamawa’s most anticipated award of the year, the Adamawa Celebrities and Achievers Awards (ACAA2019) was held on Saturday, December, 21st.

The 4th edition of the Adamawa Celebrities and Achievers Awards which took place at the Lelewal Hotel and Suites in Yola, was full of glitz and glamour, as popular Nigerian Senators, celebs turned up looking all elegant and classy.

Great performances made the night a truly engaging and entertaining one, in any case, the night was not just about performances, but also it was a night to remunerate creativity, innovation, leadership, expertise, and humanitarianism.

The ACAA2019 kicked off with a red carpet at about 3 PM while dignitaries were arriving and colouring the event with their beautiful smiles.

Fashionista and TV host, Rejoyze K’nan and Northern Nigeria’s most celebrated comedian, TUJENS hosted the 4th edition of the Adamawa Celebrities and Achievers Awards, which is formerly known as the Adamawa Entertainment Awards (ADEA).

Those honoured at the event, although conspicuously absent include His Excellency Alhaji Atiku Abubakar for “Award for influence and philanthropist of the decade”, Senator Aishatu Dahiru Binani for “Mirror of the Society”, Senator Ishaku Abbo for “Beacon of Hope Award”, Senator Binos Dauda Yaroe for the “Award of Excellence in Recovery & Peace Building”, Senator Abdulaziz Nyako for the “Most Outstanding Senator (2018/19)”, Hon. Abdulrazak S. Namdas for the “Most Outstanding Rep Member 2019”, Hon. Zachariah D. Nyampa for the “Politician of the Year” and other honorary awards including; Dr Bitrus F. Chagwa for “Dynamic Personality of the Year”, Leader Leneke for the “Award of Excellence in Productivity”, Dr John Ngamsa for the “Entertainment Philanthropist of the Decade”, Mrs Aisha Yusuf Ishaku for “Female Entrepreneur of the Year”, Randy Radeno Haniel for “Inspiration of the Year”.

Others are, Amy Gaman for the “Humanitarian Ambassador of the Year”, Blessing Peter for “Youth & Women Advocate of the Year”, Favour Goodluck Christopher for the “Humanitarian Queen of the Year”.

Corporate bodies awarded included North East Innovation Hub for the “Innovation for Change Award”, and Labondo Discovery Hub for the “Corporate Impact Award”.

Various awards were given to the different artist for their works within the year in review, including some media channels.

Check out the full list of winners under the voting categories below.

  1. Female Artiste of the Year
  2. Fraggie
  3. Stacy
  4. Thravia
  5. Thravee Enson
  6. Micel Jarvis
  7. Tesh
  8. Male Artiste of the Year
  9. Sayah Anthony
  10. Zirra       –        WINNER
  11. JOEVAN
  12. Lord Benlee
  13. TKlex
  14. Mickey D Viper
  15. 1P
  16. Gideon David
  17. Gospel Song of the Year
  18. Lord Benlee
  19. ND James
  20. Maxyflex
  21. Sayah Anthony
  22. Elisha Bello     –        WINNER
  23. GWills
  24. Gideon David
  25. Trado Song of the Year
  26. Albasheer Ismail
  27. MargiBoi
  28. JReal
  29. 1P
  30. Ado Daukaka
  31. Bashman
  32. Gideon David  –        WINNER
  33. Music Producer of the Year
  34. Royaltee Beatz
  35. TKlex
  36. GWills
  37. GBen
  38. Big Benny       –        WINNER
  39. Song of the Year
  40. Lilkadi
  41. JOEVAN
  42. Lord Benlee
  43. Maxyflex
  44. IBEE
  45. Mickey D Viper         –        Made in Adamawa
  46. 1P                             –        Girl Child (WINNER)
  47. Phils Emjay
  48. Zirra
  49. Music Video of the Year
  50. TKlex                        –        Yar Kano   WINNER
  51. Elzz                           –        Temperature
  52. Jurica                        –        Fine Girl
  53. Casmel Ft. Buzex       –        Miracle
  54. Jreal                          –        Nana
  55. Richard Sojah            –        Sujada
  56. Arewa Artiste of the Year
  57. BOC Madaki (Honored, Non-Voting)
  58. King of Comedy
  59. MC Parrot (Honored, Non-Voting)
  60. Video Director of the Year
  61. One Click                  –        WINNER
  62. Director Sems
  63. Willis Creations
  64. Next rated
  65. Wizdokto
  66. Marakberry MK
  67. Flablaiss
  68. Kedon Makaveli
  69. Bolskid Maestro
  70. Jaycloud          –        WINNER
  71. TV Station of The Year
  72. TV Gotel
  73. ATV Yola
  74. Viewer TV
  75. Radio Station of the Year
  76. FM Gotel                  –        WINNER
  77. ABC Yola
  78. Fombina FM
  79. News Blog of the Year
  80. The Periscope Global
  81. News Rendezvous
  82. TG News
  83. Fombina Times
  84. Arewa Cool Music     –        WINNER
  85. Naths Blog
  86. Mubi Xclusives
  87. The News Hawk
  88. The Almajiri Nigeria
  89. Hookup TV Blog
  90. Fashion House of the Year
  91. Liyastic Stitches
  92. Seth Designs              –        WINNER
  93. Makeup Artist of the Year
  94. Beauty by Bee
  95. Shelz Makeup            –        WINNER
  96. Tilas Beauty

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