Burna Boy ft. Future – Show & Tell (Lyrics)



(I like this)

I can get you knocked for a hundred bands
Did a drive-by then they walked in
Pricey on my block, its some Talibans
Put you in a coffin‚ never breathe again

[Burna Boy]
Show you like I tell you
Ask me if I change I tell you “Hell no”
Tatted at my arms to my fucking elbow
Till they free my dawg from the prison cell
Know when I pull up in Benzo brand new Benzo
Imma blow a couple bands just to make an entrance
Solo date on my calendar‚ check my credentials
All this ballin’ might offend ya‚ fuck up ya mental
Thats Balenci on my toes so don’t buy the mall so
And the socks and the feet, probably even more so
Never send them shots to me cause I’m doing 10 toes
Imma send a couple shots to whoever sent you

Show you like I tell you
Ask me if i change i tell you hell no
Tatted at my arm to my fucking elbow
Sticking to the code, you know I’m Velcro

Cartier bust down on my sleeve
We can trade gold when I sleep
Drank codeine, lose speed
Walking through the back door, 100 deep
Bet 5 racks on the T
Off that kiddy counter AP
Givency, Givency, double Gs
Bad bitch come where ever I need
Legendary tatted on her knees
40 foreign cars, you won’t believe
Diamond-diamonds on my neck, bullets in your torso
Gotta represent the set, fuck it, its on my elbow
Cut from a different cloth, should have been a gigolo
Only run with certified hitters in the circle
Anytime its violence, my niggas start to riot
Chopper get to ringing, can’t be quiet
Real niggas always move in silence
Copping out, never I ain’t hiding
I was wanna rebel ’til I’m dying
You get wetter than a pool, I dive in
Balenciaga shoes, freestylin’

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