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Truth be told, the success story of Adedamola Adefolahan alias FireBoy Dml is still catching up with several music aficionados across the country but his achievements so far have been remarkable. My experience touring with him during his first-ever inter-state media tour, which lasted for three weeks, was humbling. We thought we had an idea of the #expected. We never envisaged what was coming.

As the plane taxied down the runway heading for takeoff to Enugu for that state’s media rounds, sitting beside the “Jealous” crooner, I could feel nervousness running down his spinal cord. It was his first time experiencing an aircraft transitioning into cosmos but months ahead of him, his tuneful music had already flown to several continents – places only a few of his contemporaries could dream of. The video clips of Swizz Beatz #vibing to “Jealous” gives credence to this.

Like a tsunami, the love for his music from a legion of fans floored in like heavy rainfall linked to a massive hurricane. The impact was overwhelming, eye-opening, unprecedented and has trappings of an A-list entertainer on the way up to conquer the world. Although still working his socks off steadily and consistently, all things being equal, Fireboy and his music are on the route to record greatness.

The coal city experience was a game-changer; likewise, it was in Ibadan and Benin. Evidence gathered during those travels #were mind-blowing. The diehard audiences were not only head over heels for ‘Jealous’, but they were also in the know of his other records like ‘Fire Down’, ‘I’ll Be Fine’ and ‘king’. By the time ‘WIIS’ debuted with scintillating visuals shot in ‘Seychelles’, no one could argue against reasons why Fireboy tops music charts across the country.

There’s no disputing the fact that Lagos is flaunted as the Manhattan and the Silicon Valley of the Nigerian music industry. That said, no artist can convincingly be more proud of the success and reach of their music until they have fans screaming their names and singing to their music from the remotest northern town down through the eastern, southern and western zone in the country. This is what Fireboy’s music has achieved. It’s fast spreading and contagious.

Yes, there’s a caveat. Will he become a flash in the pan? I could hear warning whispers floating in some quarters. Without being carried away, there’s a lot Fireboy needs prove in the coming months to convince most folks that he’s here for the long haul. To be honest, this lad demands more of himself. He could have chosen a successful career in football but he opted for music. He waited patiently for his time to excel and he continues to put a shift in – same energy and creativity. He objectively evaluates himself every step of the way. Attributes reminiscent of iconic Olamide – His YBNL record label C.E.O.

I’ve learned that patience is key. Talent isn’t everything — it takes much more; it takes the character. It’s been overwhelming so far, everything. But I think I’m going with the flow quite well enough. As for fame, I’m just winging it. No one handles fame per se. I’m keeping my head down and working harder than before. So far, it #kinda looks like I’m doing everything right and I’m trying to make sure it stays that way for as long as possible”.


The loyalty level in the Nigerian music industry is fragile. You snooze you lose. Fans are as devoted as the last hit single. To be honest, there are so many talents to celebrate and many more to be discovered. With additional platforms provided for an exhibition of up and coming artists, the competition will get more interesting and tougher. There will be no more safe havens for mediocrity. So, what does the “Jealous” hitmaker think of the state of the industry?

“I love the healthy competition brimming in the industry right now. We #youngings are coming in harder than before and its keeping everyone on their toes. There’s also this sense of togetherness that I feel in the industry. The world is paying attention to #Afrobeats and it’s up to us to capitalize on that momentum and make it happen. We’re growing, evolving and I’m here for this”.


Analyzing the song “What If I Say”?

What If I Say’ (WIIS) is a deviation from what folks expected after ‘Jealous’. Honestly, I wanted to prove a point — this guy can write and sing – a pure artist. It’s a contemporary afro/RnB song, cheesy but well-crafted lyrics on a mid-tempo groove. I played with melodies and chants, also showboated a little towards the end of the song. ‘Jealous’ was proof that I could make good music which can also hit; WIIS is proof that I’m all about good music. It was a risk, but it was worth it


On Inspiration 92.3FM, He Discloses His Headspace When Recording ‘Jealous’

Considering the unprecedented media visibility surrounding the re-introduction of Fireboy DML – a combination of his massive billboard advert on Lagos most-busiest Tollgate (The Lekki Tollgate), coupled with the overwhelming mad love for his music from fans in all the nooks and crannies in Nigeria and the neighboring countries, one does not need rocket science to understand why Angie – the OAP at Inspiration 92.3 FM who interviewed him on the 4th of April 2019, asked the question:

“What’s the story behind the successful ‘Jealous’ and talk us through your thought process when recording the song?“

“Without sounding cliché, ‘Jealous’ is a song that tells its own story. The legend of the song is true life – My life. My encounter with love – a passionate love affair with a lady friend that spiral from giving everything for its survival to watching it metamorphose into an uncontrollable obsession about losing it. The joy and the pain from that experience were all that went into writing the song.

My headspace leading to recording the song – “with the reality of the message playing in my head, the melody followed and Cracker Mallo – the incredible music producer laced a #badass beat. Recording Jealous was genuine and fulfilling.


Revealing His ‘Humble Transitioning To A signed Artist’ On Quincy’s Show On City105.1FM

In an industry where quick buck and fame seems to have relegated the act of learning the essential craft of the music industry to a back burner, it was a welcome development when Quincy Jonze– one of today’s most pragmatic OAPs in the broadcasting industry, asked him to talk about his transition to a signed artist.

“Even though I am gifted with inborn ability to sing, I had to practice and relearn how to perfectly deliver faultless vocals and how to become a respected songwriter.

From patiently waiting for opportunities to record in studios and dropping most of the songs on #SoundCloud, I hustled my way up. With hard work and mentions from those that supported my craft, the opportunity to sign for YBNL finally came calling and here we are with the single ‘Jealous’. I never gave up on myself. To God be the Glory”


“Jealous” Receives Huge Admiration From Legendary Keke Ogungbe” on Kennis104FM

With close to three decades in the music and broadcasting industry where he has developed iconic artists and also witnessed the #wannabes and one-hit wonders, it doesn’t come that easy to hear Kenny Ogungbe a.k.a Baba Keke deliver admiration for artists and their songs as he did with Fireboy and his track ‘Jealous’.

Fireboy DML’s media tour interview on Kennis104FM on the 3rd of April 2019 that incidentally fell on the day of the station’s second anniversary is one that will forever be remembered by the artist. Hosted on air by Keke and co-presenters ‘Ife’ and ‘Big L’, the over 20minutes #convo was filled with praise for the artist these remarkable lines.

Lord have mercy, make some noise for this young man.

You sing so well and your range is beautiful; you sound so articulate with a good voice not just for music but you could pass for a great OAP” – Keke


OAP Arthur Of Rhythm 93.7FM Discusses ‘Jealous’ as ’World Music’

As one of the OAPs with a profound knowledge of the music business, Arthur’s description of the song ‘Jealous’ as “A Shade of ‘World Music’- an undertone of African rhythmic vibe with some of the instrumentation reminiscent of sound from Grammy award-winning Senegalese Yusuf Ndou mashed-up with Nigerian highlife guitar strings gives credence to Fireboy DML’s exceptional musical diversity”. He also referred to Wurld’s ‘Contagious’ as one of such songs.




Fireboy DML is one of the hottest trending artists in Nigeria right now and honestly, I get it. He has an eccentric style and voice that instantly puts you in a #vibing mood. I especially like how he uses a mix ofEnglish, Yoruba and Pidgin English in his song lyrics and you can tell that his unique personality is expressed through his music.I also feel that his style is a very refreshing fusion of Afropop, alternative music and RnB. I mean, you can vibe to his kind of sound pretty much anywhere and at any time. He has girlfriends and boyfriends in their feels but not so much that one starts to tear up; it’s a pretty decent balance and I’m rooting for his success.”

– Osato EDK.

The host of the ‘What’s Up Abuja’ on Soundcity Radio, 96.3, Abuja and the

#Top20Nigeria Chart Show across the Soundcity Radio Network.



Miriam Alete


The song Jealous is a dramatic piece that has an intense, rhythmic, driving, fresh sound that is unique. It’s a groovy piece of music! Awesome to say the least! One can chill out listening to it. It’s more like a tender expression of love …My favorite part of the song is the beginning; it sure has a sweet serenading melody that gets me. Also, the video of the song is all shades of amazing and gets me thinking like man, why wasn’t I the vixen though…

Fireboy is an amazing artist, I love his songs and I’m glad he came out at such a time as this!!! Looking forward to more great tunes from him. I also love the latest single #WIIS… S/O to YBNL, y’all got a good one!!!

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