Here are the types of men that Nigerian women avoid whenever they think of marriage

Written by viral9ja

1. Mama’s boy

If you are the type who dwells on your momma’s every word and can’t think for yourself without her assistance, just kiss your chances of getting a good, strong woman bye.

2. Man with multiple baby mamas

The reason why Nigerian women avoid this guy isn’t farfetched. The possibility of dealing with other women and their kids, no matter how distant they are is not one many young Nigerians want to intentionally face for life.

3. The womanizer

Do your eyes rove uncontrollably and your mind wander every time you see another woman? If you know the answer is yes, just know that women will have a problem being with you for the long term.

4. The lazy guy

Even though Nigerian women often appear money and wealth-obsessed, the truth is that they can apparently still stand a broke guy than a lazy one.

No serious-minded woman wants a guy who sleeps on his couch all day, hoping to leech on his woman and other people.

Don’t be a sluggard. It’s a no-brainer that women wouldn’t want you.

5. The ex-man

Women generally do not like to grapple with memories of exes. Divorced? Cool. Lost and a previous wife? They’ll sympathise.

But regularly bringing up talk of an ex is a no-no. No one wants to spend forever trying to be someone that’s supposed to be in the past, forgotten.

6. Abusive guy

As more cases of abuse swell around us, women are being taught that it is better to even leave marriages on the grounds of physical abuse.

If a society that used to compel women to stay despite abuse is changing its tune already, it just shows you how physical abuse has become an absolute abomination.

So why would you even expect anyone to go on and marry you if you’re being physically abusive?

7. Stingy guy

Women can bear broke and struggling, so far you are hardworking. There is a hope of a better life that way.

What even the most unmaterialistic women can’t seem to bear is a partner who isn’t willing to share. Stingy guys are avoided as plagues out here.

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