I fell in love with an older Pixel Phone

As someone who writes about smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices for a day job, it likely comes as no surprise to you that I’m the guy who friends and family come to for advice on which smartphone to buy. In recent years, my advice has more-or-less been the same: “Buy a Google Pixel.” They’re reliable, as close to an iPhone on Android as you’re going to get, and have absolutely phenomenal cameras. They were a slam dunk of a recommendation, and I’ve been recommending Google’s smartphone range to my nearest and dearest for years now.

That’s why it’s been tough for me to admit this — but after almost six months with my new Pixel smartphone, I think I’m finally ready to face up to the truth. I wish I’d never bought my Google Pixel 7 Pro, as it’s destroying my faith in Google.

My history with the Pixel line doesn’t date back as far as some. I lusted after the original Google Pixel and Pixel 2, but it wasn’t until the Pixel 3 series that I got a chance to get my grubby mitts on Google’s smartphone range. The Google Pixel 3a XL was my first Pixel, and it was an absolute corker of a smartphone. The Pixel 3a XL might have been a midrange smartphone, but you wouldn’t have known it from its performance. It runs smoothly to this day, belying its more modest hardware.

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