Liverpool coach, Jurgen Klopp, could leave the club soon due to the bad weather in the United Kingdom

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Liverpool coach, Jurgen Klopp, could leave the club soon due to the bad weather in the United Kingdom, Klopp’s agent Marc Kosicke has revealed.


Klopp joined Liverpool from Dortmund and has a contract till 2022. The former German footballer is stalling on signing a new contract with the Merseyside club and his agent has now revealed that the weather and not footballing reasons could push his client to leave the UK.


His agent Marc Kosicke explained to Spox: “Jurgen’s contract is still valid until 2022 and it is an open secret that the club would like to extend.

“We still have a little time for that. We must wait and see how everything develops and whether climate change will bring better weather to England or only to Germany.”


While managing in the Bundesliga, Klopp would escape the bleak conditions in Germany by jetting off on holiday during the annual two-week winter break.


Kosicke added: “One should not underestimate it (bad weather annoying Klopp), anyway. I remember that in November or December, Liverpool first asked for a contract extension. I said: “Let’s wait”.


 Jurgen Klopp?s agent reveals boss may not sign new deal because of shocking British weather; Klopp responds


“Ulla (Klopp’s wife) and Jurgen get up in the morning and it’s dark. When they meet again in the evening, it is also dark or it is grey and there is drizzle.

“During the winter break in Germany, if the weather is really bad, the clubs go on vacation for two weeks, then come back and fly directly to the training camp in the sun for several days.

“During this time, the coaches in England sometimes have to prepare for up to 13 games. They are already exhausted and it’s not so easy.”


But speaking on Monday night to Sky Sports, Klopp dismissed the story, saying: “There is nothing in that story.

“He wanted to make a joke so now I have to be serious.

“It is German humour but obviously nobody got it…I am completely fine with the weather.

“Let me spell it out, the weather has never been a reason for me to choose a city and it’s certainly not a reason for me to leave the country.

“Maybe at the moment (in England) it’s the most healthy weather in the world – we have enough rain, it’s cool, pretty much the opposite of this room!

“There’s nothing in that story. He’s my agent and my friend.

“When I speak about the weather it was about the wind which can have an effect on football, but that is not allowed in England. But that is not to a reason leave the country. I am fine.

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