Read why; Gabriel Oche Amanyi popularly known as Terry G has cried out bitterly on an Instagram live chat with HG2

“Na una dey dull me. EVery time them talk say, TerryG this one Terry g that one. I looked like the baddest guy in Nigeria. Did i kill anybody? No. Now endorsement time, nobody endorse me, time when Terry G dey hot” he said in the live chat with HG2″

Watch the video below:

Uncle Gift@gift_adene

TerryG in tears as he blames his lack of endorsement on people labeling him a monster, in a chat with HG2

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Nigerians have however reacted to his claim. Some consoled him, while others further demonized him, saying he isn’t fit for any deal.

One Gozi Oleks wrote: “He’s not fit for any ambassadorial position abeg. Unless it’s for the agberos. He shouldn’t complain. He chose that path of music nah” “Terry G portrayed himself as a tout to please the street. Now he wants to be an ambassador for what? How can I employ a tout to my company? You chose your image… Unless you’ll be a chairman of organizing touts for politicians. That’s the only ambassador you can be.”

Domingo Loso wrote: “Terry G was super hot at one time o. Omo this entertainment industry can switch up on you at anytime. If you ain’t careful. It is well 🙏”

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