There are people who want to have sex just for fun

People who prefer casual sex and one-night stands over a stable partner and relationship have been slut shamed for years – especially in Nigeria where Yoruba men are the regular culprits. Meanwhile, they are expressing their sexual orientation just like straight people, homosexuals and lesbians.

1. Fraysexuals are attracted to people they don’t know

A person is referred to as ‘fraysexual’ if they feel a sexual attraction to someone they don’t know or don’t know very well.

Fraysexual people experience stronger sexual attraction to strangers or people they just met than those they’ve known for a while.

2. Emotions make sexual attraction die

Once an emotional connection has been made, sexual attraction fades away. They are the opposite of demisexuals who only have sex with people with whom they have an emotional connection.

3. Fraysexuals can experience love

It doesn’t mean that they are completely emotionless and cannot experience attachment and bonds. It just means that when the connection between them and someone else deepens, emotions of sexual attraction fade.

4. Any gender or sexual orientation can be fraysexual

Fraysexuality is not bound by gender or sexual orientation, anyone can be fraysexual. Homosexuals, lesbians, bisexual people etc can be fraysexuals.

5. Fraysexuals separate love from sex

Fraysexuals try to strike a balance by saying even though sexual feelings aren’t there, romantic feelings exist. We are sure all those people who cheat are happy to hear that. It simply means that they have lost sexual interest in you and not romantic interest. So, they might love you but not be sexually attracted to you.

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