Hello , Are You Home? Covid-19 is Real – Viral9ja

No! We were not planning to visit you, just checking to know that you’re taking all precautions.

We’ve been working from home as well and it’s not been easy, but as you know, staying safe is priority right now. The safety of your loved ones is more important than anything that might be tempting you to go out.

Just to tell you how we’ve been coping with the compulsory isolation. We preloaded our electricity, it’s a bad time not to have power. And every time we are tempted to go to the cinema, we stream movies instead. With an active data bundle and airtime, everything is possible, including virtual meetings, video calls and chats to keep in touch with colleagues, friends, and family.

It’s important that you stay informed, so we recommend renewing your cable TV subscription too. You might also want to stay away from cash as much as possible. If you must exchange money with anybody, transfer it online.

, these are desperate times, and desperate times require desperate measures. Let’s take this seriously, our lives and that of our loved ones might depend on it.

Don’t panic, stay home, and stay safe.

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