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The human being takes 9 months in the womb to fully form before they are born.Even though the baby already has his hands and feet formed as early as the 6th month, it still stays inside feeding for another three months.

The couple involved could have only just tried getting a baby the first day and gotten pregnant the very next, while some would try for 10 years before finally getting pregnant, but whether it happens on the first day of trial or 10 years after trying, that baby still takes and needs 9 months to form fully.

This is the same for your business during the product testing phase. Your idea and research could have taken 10 years to form or even a day to form before you began tinkering and putting it into place. This doesn’t mean the moment you have the product, it should be released to the world.

You need to keep that product inside, test it, test it and test it some more. Take the 9 month initiative (This is a personally created initiative I propose to all created, invented or developed product-based businesses where you take a stretch of at least 9 months testing out your designs and product before coming out as a business or a company that forces you to market or make any overhead expenses – please note that it may not literally be 9 months, as there are different species and different gestation period, your business gestation period may be different from another, so you must know the specie you belong to, the specific genome you belong to, or else, you may over-stay your gestation period and that can also lead to complications).

During this phase, ensure to bring people to test it, let them act as the nutrients for your baby. Also, be careful who is doing the testing and how the test is going on, if a pregnant mother doesn’t eat healthy and right, her healthy baby could die within, or be born with a defect or even prematurely.

Don’t rush the testing, don’t start the company just because you have the products ready, a fetus is a baby but it is still a fetus. Your product is a product doesn’t mean it is ready for business.

Don’t start spending from your company set up or running funds, you’d need that fund when the baby is out.

You know how after the baby is born, you’d have breast milk but still need to buy milk? Diapers? Sanitizers? Etc?

Same thing with your product! You will need people aside the people who help develop and test the project to milk the products once it is out thereYou will need people who can hold in a mess and then be disposed of right after use. You will need people who ensure that no one, not even you can contaminate your product once it is released. These people will cost you a lot of money, and you must factor that too… Else, you would start running cost at a supposed testing phase and once the market really wants to buy, you don’t have proper maintenance ethics to sustain anyone or anything, even your product.

Nonetheless, these special aid people come 9 months after the baby has already been created, use your testing phase and all you have within as resources to ensure your testing phase works as excellently as possible internally.

Also understand that just because you have waited 9 months doesn’t mean you should not prepare for more testing after release, the new born would experience new things and no matter how much you know about babies, they can still surprise you, so, stay prepared for more testing, the confidence you have with your 9 month testing phase is that your baby is somehow prepared to be immunized against external forces after 9 month as against trying to face them within the first month or 5th month of conception.

So when your product is out, it won’t be premature or killed at first light when exposed to the unforeseen and external forces out here in the real world. Your one month old product should stay in the womb, not out in the market. If you want to fail, then please, by all means, release your product prematurely.

Because one of the ways I failed was while we were still creating our technology for the business, we told ourselves “we would learn it on the job and adjust as people use”, somehow true but dangerous because you see, you would still be spending on advertising, adjusting, remodeling and recreating an untested product and you would definitely be loosing money in the bid to adjust, and by the time you finally have it right? You would have probably lost all your money and exhausted your market.

Don’t let anyone rush you into the market. If you pull out a baby within the first four months from the womb, it isn’t called birth, it is an abortion!
Know the difference in your business and product too.
Hi my name is Scott C Eneje.

I’m a writer, business coach, idea strategist and tech enthusiast. I Co-founded Yandi Nigeria, Yandi Digital Solutions and Digivo NG.

The Nigerian Business landscape is a volatile terrain, and only the strong survive. Take it from someone who had been knocked out a few times. What else can I say. If you don’t want to fail, you have to know how to fail. Because recognising a bad door, is first step to knowing not to enter that room.

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