In 2023, Check Out The 30 Most Valuable Football Clubs


Forbes magazine has revealed the 30 most valuable football clubs of 2023, reflecting the increased revenue generated by clubs worldwide.

The initial list for 2022 consisted of 20 clubs, but due to football’s growing popularity, the list has expanded to include 30 clubs from different leagues.

The English Premier League dominates the list, followed closely by the MLS. The Spanish, German, and Italian leagues also have representatives.

This list highlights the global popularity of each league and emphasizes the efforts to attract top players and secure lucrative broadcasting deals for increased revenue.

Which club currently holds the title of the most valuable football club?

According to Forbes, the Spanish powerhouse Real Madrid holds the title of the most valuable football club today.

With a remarkable 19% increase in revenue, their current value surpasses 6 billion dollars.

Real Madrid achieved over 2 billion dollars in earnings from broadcast rights, an additional 2 billion from commercials, and a staggering 670 million dollars from match-day revenues in 2023 alone.

Which Premier League Club is the Most Valuable Today?

The Red Devils Manchester United is the most valuable English or premier league side in the world of football today.

The Glazer family-owned club, according to Forbes, has a current value estimated at 6 billion dollars

Which Clubs Are the Most Valuable Football Clubs Today?

Ranking Club Country Current Value 1-year value change
1 Real Madrid Spain $6.07bn +19%
2 Manchester United England $6bn +30%
3 Barcelona Spain $5.51bn +10%
4 Liverpool England $5.29bn +19%
5 Manchester City England $4.99bn +18%
6 Bayern Munich Germany $4.86bn +14%
7 Paris Saint-Germain France $4.21bn +32%
8 Chelsea England $3.1bn 0%
9 Tottenham Hotspur England $2.8bn +19%
10 Arsenal England $2.26bn +10%
11 Juventus Italy $2.16bn -12%
12 Borussia Dortmund Germany $1.93bn +7%
13 Atletico Madrid Spain $1.54bn +3%
14 AC Milan Italy $1.4bn +17%
15 West Ham England $1.08bn +20%
16 Inter Italy $1.03bn +3%
17 LAFC US $1bn N/A
18 LA Galaxy US $925m N/A
19 Atlanta United US $850m N/A
20 Crystal Palace England $806m N/A
21 New York City FC US $800m N/A
22 Newcastle United England $794m +51%
23 Leicester City England $781m -16%
24 Aston Villa England $756m +1%
25 Everton England $744m -21%
26 Lyon France $734m +47%
27 AS Roma Italy $724m +11%
28 DC United US $700m N/A
29 Toronto FC US $690m N/A
30 Austin FC US $680m N/A

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