Interactive Session With GOLD_IROSE The Herbalist

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She is the most amazing person you will ever want to do business with. She doesn’t call
herself herbalist for nothing.
Instagram page : @irose_gold

Tell us about yourself ma?
My name is Irose Gold, I am a herbalist, CEO of Le Boobies and I have produced 5 products to
heal and nurture the human body.

Where are you from?
I hail from Uromi Edo State

When did you start your business and why did you choose your line of work?

I registered my first organization in 2008 while I was in school. It was an event and corporate
branding business and I pushed ahead to open sweet pot in Abuja in 2012.
At that point, I got a revelation for around six different ingredients for breast firming. I had then
never had any learning about skincare. The minute we hauled it out we began having various
reviews. So yes Le boobies was established a year ago August 14 and why I chose herbs is
because you can’t deplete nature. It is mending I frequently tell individuals "your food should be your medicine and your medicine should be your food" I need to help reestablish the confidence of women and bit by bit we are jumping into items for men.

Are you looking to acquire any formal education on skincare?

Yes, I am currently schooling in the University of Center of Excellence UK. I'm studying herbal
medicine at the moment.

What is your personal skincare routine like?
I advise people to start from the inside personally. I do lots of vegetables, plenty of water and I
also exfoliate my skin regularly. Then for the facials I wash, cleanse and moisturize.

Has anybody come to you on how depressed they feel about their skin and how did you
handle it?

Truly, we had an instance of a specific client who had utilized everything about our items
including the tea. How the tea makes you gleam from within, assist with tummy fat and
hypertension which is caused by high blood pressure. So she reached out to us that she has
melasma and the doctor bills were quite on the high side. I told her its due to hormonal change
and symptoms appears in the face. So I prepared a portion for her and she had positive results in

7days. We deal with skin issues, we have the vanisher which is a stretch mark expulsion and it
works magic.

How do you handle your personal life and business?
24hours is never again enough; you wake up before you know it, the day is gone and in light of
the fact that these are my mystery recipes there are limits to the number of people I can utilize.
Adjusting both personal life and business is really intense. However, the beneficial thing is that
we have about 20 merchants and client care specialist who respond to orders and inquiries and
follow up sales. I consider division of labor very important because it has made my life much

What is your opinion on those who have fair skin and dark knuckles and what would you

Most occasions, dark knuckles are not because of creams. A few people are born with dark or
dull knuckles while others utilise cruel cleansers or detergents and some shower with hot water
while a few get darks knuckles as result of the nature of their job. Generally because of cream, i
advise people to shower with cold or warm water and apply gloves when using harsh cleansers or
detergent and also apply oil on hands to avoid dry hands. I additionally recommend sunscreen
since extreme sun conditions can cause dark knuckles.

Tell us about your best selling product?
(Laughs) My best selling and top-rated product is my breast firming mask we have sold over
20,000 products and loads of reviews, my breast firming mask is made from cucumber and the
reason why we use cucumber is because it contains anti-aging and anti-cancer agents. We add
some proteins and other essential oils. My top of the line item is Le boobies breast moisturizer
and its super effective (Smiles)

Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years, I see my business sponsoring TV programs/shows. I see my business in every
African nation and even Europe creating job employment and generally giving back to the
society and adding value to the general public.

How do you handle difficult customers?

Like I said, we have client care agent, I don't interact with clients except meetings and
consultations. Essentially, our client care agents are very professional and can deal with
customers the most ideal way they can.

Do you do offshore deliveries and do you get clients from there?

We have merchants in the UK, US, and Ghana. For countries where we do not have distributors,
there is a distributor here in Nigeria that does those deliveries. We also had to open an E
commerce account with DHL for offshore delivery.

What is your worst sold product that you won’t sell ever again?
The main issue is herbs are difficult to assemble. I don’t have the most awful sold item. The main
issue is I can’t hotspot for the herbs. For instance, the Abuja distributor requested for tea and we
had just 6 remaining which means we needed to produce again. We produced about 5000 the last
time. The company needed to source for those herbs which includes drying and blending. For the
time being, I don't think I have the most exceedingly awful sold item.

Who is your celebrity crush and why?
Toyin Lawani, what inspires me a lot is the fact that she is a single mother and the manner in
which she oversees her business. I respect her steadiness and resilience, I don't have a mentor, I
simply take the best from different people because having a mentor restricts your capacity to
gain from others because we are all humans. Having a mentor means you look up to them and
anything they do and that's not possible. We all have our flaws and weakness.

How do you unwind when you are not working?
When I am not working, I am shopping or in the spa dealing with my skin. This is the means by
which I loosen up. I likewise love to travel like I have been to 8 countries this year hoping to
make it 10, I enjoy travelling a lot.

Are you looking to expand your business?

Of course, I am looking to expand my business and I have really had investors but I was not
ready then. I understand that you cannot be utilizing inner revenue. You should always source
for investors if you really want to expand…so yes I am working on expansion.

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