Review: Trace In The City Uniport – Why Hotice Exclusive didn’t perform

Fast rising Act Hotice Exclusive has been fired severally by  fans on social media for not showing up at the “Trace In The City” Concert which was held at the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT)
Popular Port Harcourt artist who happens to be a student of UNIPORT has been question by several persons on the reasons why he turned his fans down as he didnt perfrom at the above mentioned event
But we couldnt get a better explanation as he has not responded yet as all we got from him was “My apologies for not showing up at the Trace Event, Respect is Reciprocal”.
From our observations, we think he was not headlined for the event and therefore he didnt want to act against his management protocols and this led to his refusal to participate in this event.
We gathered from few sources that Hotice Exclusive was spotted at the event premises but according
to them he came to cheer up his colleagues who came to grace the stage.
The likes of Ajebo Hustlers, Abobi Eddieroll, and many other artists who were not headlined for this
event came through and this clouds my thoughts with the following questions
“Why did Hotice Exclusive refuse to entertain his fans even though he wasnt headlined for this event?”
“Is he better than the artists who performed?”
“How will he gain all the recognitions he seeks if he keeps up with these protocols or rules?”
This reputable music act has been making waves but nevertheless attitudes and fanbase control is another way to grow in the music business.
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Fast rising Act Hotice Exclusive

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